What size cans can you run?

We can run 12oz and 16oz standard cans. We can also Run 8oz and 12 oz Sleek cans.

How do you check seams?

We use a micrometer on site to check seams. After the run we do a more detailed seam check at our facility.

Can you run Wine or coffee?

Yes we can! We can run a variety of beverages including coffee, wines, beer, mixed cocktails, and more.

what type of labels should we use?

We prefer to run labels with a clear plastic liner (or backing). We have found that the paper liners tend to get wet and rip.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope! We provide Date coding, compressors and water catchments at no cost to you. All other items we provide are clearly priced out on the online booking form.

Do you have any recommendations on where to get labels?

We recommend using Blue label packaging co. They have lots of great options, are super user friendly and have fast turn around times.

Is there a minimum number of barrels you will run?

yes, we have a minimum of 12 barrels.

how does canning for a cause work?

Super simple. You book a run with us and during your booking process you pick 1 of 4 charities that you would like us to donate to. We take a portion of our profit from your run and donate it to your charity of choice.

How does the process work?

1. You book a facility walk through

2. We come make sure we can run our machines there

3. we help you create a login

4. you book everything online (number of barrels, desired date, etc.)

5. we can your product

That easy